We can purchase, finance, and improve parking real estate independently or we can co-own automated garages in conjunction with strong national and regional developers.

Where co-ownership of larger parcels with private developers and public entities is not possible, we can provide turnkey automated garage financing and/or development services.



Our History of Innovative Parking Technology

Easy Park was founded to bring highly innovative technology to the parking industry. We are constantly thinking about new parking approaches. Our personnel have been involved for many years in designing and building, in the United States, large industry machinery which automates various industrial processes. Starting in the mid-2000s, we began to focus on using such machinery to automate the parking of vehicles. 

Increasing population and a growing demand for urban living mean shrinking livable spaces. The only solution is to COMPACT


Suitable locations

  • Densely populated neighborhoods and downtowns
  • Land constrained university and medical campuses
  • Mixed use projects 
  • Challenging entry or exit schemes
  • Special purpose buildings 
  • Existing malls - build greater parking density to create new retail out parcels

Potential Uses

Almost any conventional parking use can work as automated parking especially for constrained land parcels and site configurations

  • Office
  • Hotel/ Condo
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Institutional
  • Special Venues (Museums, Theaters, Convention Centers, Schools, Stadiums, Arenas)

Cost to build is same or less, Cost to operate can be 65% less


EP 6.24.19.jpg

Developer Benefits


  • Reduces square footage by 50-70% per space

  • Allows recapture of FAR yield for development of higher or better use

  • Time to park and retrieve can be faster than conventional

  • Enhances development on parcels too small for conventional parking

  • Offers "valet parking experience" at self park cost

  • Reliable and proven globally for 50 years

  • Increases development profits

  • Green space for tax credit purposes

  • Reduces insurance and utility costs

Patron Benefits


Typical Time to Park: same or faster than conventional parking


Outbound: 1-5 MINUTES

  • Walk to payment area

  • Use credentials to pay and activate equipment to bring vehicle

  • Wait for return of vehicle

  • Exit parking facility


  • Find available entry space

  • Pull into space

  • Use credential

  • Exit on foot