Cost to build is same or less, Cost to operate can be 65% less


Developer Benefits


  • Reduces square footage by 50-70% per space
  • Allows recapture of FAR yield for development of higher or better use
  • Time to park and retrieve can be faster than conventional
  • Enhances development on parcels too small for conventional parking
  • Offers "valet parking experience" at self park cost
  • Reliable and proven globally for 50 years
  • Increases development profits
  • Green space for tax credit purposes
  • Reduces insurance and utility costs

Patron Benefits


Typical Time to Park: same or faster than conventional parking


Outbound: 1-5 MINUTES

  • Walk to payment area
  • Use credentials to pay and activate equipment to bring vehicle
  • Wait for return of vehicle
  • Exit parking facility


  • Find available entry space
  • Pull into space
  • Use credential
  • Exit on foot