"Zitipark is a sustainable company. Conventional parking systems have a negative environmental impact. Cars looking for a parking spot emit toxic gases which pollute the environment. ZitiPark systems make the process of parking efficient.  Significantly lower vehicle engine use is required.  In addition, in our automated parking system, energy use is diminished.  The only light necessary is in the vehicle reception (and exit) areas."

Translated from ZitiPark website

Project Details

  • Opened in 2013
  • Mixed use project with luxury condominiums
  • Located in Prado Norte neighborhood
  • Capacity of approximately 233 vehicles, all underground
  • Two entry / exit bays with turntables
  • Storage and retrieval time of one to two minutes
  • Eight parking levels below grade
  • Parking footprint is 130’ by 54’ and to a depth of approximately 65’
  • Unitronics designed and manufactured.  Installation by local contractor