Our factory is Michigan-based Atlas Technologies. In addition to developing and financing our own projects, we are vertically integrated as we own and operate the factory. For our own projects, we will seek the most suitable design, whether from our factory or from the engineering departments of the world's leading parking equipment designers in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States. 


To our knowledge, we are the only company globally which


  • Develops and finances real estate with our own balance sheet

  • Can use automated parking designs from several vendors globally

  • Can, if desired, produce the automated parking equipment to our or a third party's specifications in our own factory

These attributes help make us a highly experienced, knowledgeable and flexible automated parking and mixed use developer, both for ourselves and third party institutions. 


We have a simple objective.
We seek to be the world's leading provider of automated parking finance and real estate development solutions.
This is our vision.